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    Multiple Investment Strategies Available

    Since 2002, Reliance Trust has offered professionally managed and sub-advised collective investment funds. Today, Reliance Trust offers multiple investment strategies which include core and diversified equity, stable value and alternative fixed income, life-cycle and risk-managed target date series of funds.

    In addition to our investment management expertise, some of our sub-advisory investment partners include: MetLife, ClearArc Capital (formerly Fifth Third Asset Management), Dividend Capital Group, New York Life Insurance, Standard Insurance and 3D Asset Management.


    Collective investment funds aim to provide participating trusts with access to a wide array of customized and institutionally priced investment strategies which invest in:

    The Reliance Trust series of collective investment funds are pooled investment funds which, like mutual funds, offer daily valuation, multiple share classes, trading via the DTCC/NSCC exchange and portability across multiple brokerage, custodian and recordkeeping platforms.

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    To learn more about our collective investment trust funds, please click here.

    Contact us at 678.274.1748 or send a request for more information to reliance_citgroup@fisglobal.com.