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    Reliance Trust’s investment philosophy serves as the basis for the investment solutions we provide our clients and is built upon the following philosophical tenets:

    Reliance Trust’s investment philosophy is pragmatically based both on academic research and decades of practical investment management experience. While the services we provide vary greatly, our commitment to fiduciary responsibility is at the heart of all we do. Our processes are objective and independent, and center around long-term, repeatable procedures that are designed to ensure clients’ unique objectives are met.

    Asset Allocation

    We believe asset allocation is the fundamental building block of a long-term investment plan and the primary driver of returns and risk. Our approach to asset allocation builds upon Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), but also addresses some of its shortcomings.  By understanding and diversifying global risk factors, and not simply increasing the number of investments, we believe investors can better manage risk, preserve capital, and reach their goals.


    We embrace the concept of diversification not only among, but also within asset classes. A key tenet of our disciplined approach is to make investment decisions and to construct portfolios to achieve client objectives over the long-term, understanding that short-term price fluctuations do not always reflect true values. We accept and view short-term market volatility as potential opportunity to capitalize on mispricing, and we rely on the fundamental truths of investing that are exhibited over long periods of time.

    Flexible Solutions

    We are client-centric and able to offer a degree of flexibility with both active and passive management solutions. We believe opportunities do exist for managers with unique strategies and competencies to add value to a portfolio, beyond that of a passive representation of the market.  Therefore, our seasoned research team strives to find superior managers in each category through stringent in-house research, manager meetings and periodic reviews.  Because fees detract from returns, we seek the most cost-efficient vehicle to gain exposure to the desired asset category.

    Reliance Trust is committed to growing and protecting clients’ wealth over time. We achieve this by adhering to a disciplined, well-structured process, designing and constructing institutional-quality portfolios, superior manager selection, and continuously monitoring the evolving needs of clients, the economic and capital markets, and how this impacts investments and portfolios.