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    Experienced Portfolio Management Capabilities

    The Reliance Trust investment management team consists of highly credentialed professionals who are seasoned in the investment industry. Internally managed equity portfolios seek to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns relative to the Standard & Poor’s 500 index over full market cycles. We invest in high-quality, mid to large capitalized companies trading at discounts to their expected growth prospects and fair values. Fundamental, bottom-up company analysis is the primary driver of our stock selection and portfolio construction process. A top-down overlay is employed to opportunistically position the portfolio based on current market and economic conditions.

    Extensive Equity Research

    We perform ongoing quantitative and qualitative research internally to generate equity investment ideas. Beginning with all U.S. companies having a market capitalization of $3 billion or more, quantitative screens narrow the universe to 150 to 200 potential holdings. Companies passing initial quantitative and qualitative screens are subject to rigorous fundamental analysis. Based on the fundamental strengths of each company, the committee narrows its initial screens to a list of 100 to 125 companies that warrant further consideration.

    Reliance Trust Core Equity

    Reliance Trust Core Equity is an internally managed domestic equity separate account. Reliance Trust Core Equity seeks to concentrate the best ideas generated from the Reliance Trust equity research process and is typically comprised of 40 to 50 companies exhibiting both attractive growth potential and valuation characteristics. The portfolio seeks to maintain a reasonable proximity to the S&P 500’s sector weightings, but will deviate from the index’s weightings in order to actively pursue market opportunities.