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    Six Distinct, Actively Managed Portfolios

    Reliance Trust LifeStyles℠ managed mutual funds are designed to meet three fundamental principles of professional money management: diversification, asset allocation and a disciplined decision process. LifeStyles℠ is a mutual fund asset allocation program offering a time-tested approach to investment management. It offers six distinct, actively-managed portfolios to match each client’s unique risk/return profile.

    LifeStyles℠ Portfolio Strategies

    The independent managers utilized in each of the six LifeStyles℠ portfolio strategies are regularly reviewed and re-evaluated to assure that they represent only the most experienced and successful asset management talent. Reliance Trust continuously analyzes an extensive database of management firms, carefully selecting only those managers who have passed our rigorous selection process.

    Advantages of LifeStyles

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    Click here for an overview of our Reliance Trust LifeStyles℠ portfolio strategies.