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  • Trust Owned Life Insurance

    Align with a Partner that Specializes in Trust Administration

    Reliance Trust provides trust owned life insurance to financial advisors nationwide. Reliance Trust serves as an independent corporate trustee, and provides daily administration, policy monitoring and asset reviews. This ensures that you and your clients receive the very best possible oversight and execution of their estate plans while staying informed and involved throughout the life of the trust.

    Comprehensive Insurance Trust Management Services

    Reliance Trust can provide a combination of trustee experiences and comprehensive insurance trust management services that will strengthen your client relationships.

    Besides administering the trust, Reliance Trust tracks all aspects of an insurance policy and the financial status of the carrier. A thorough understanding of proposed policy funding is established along with an evaluation of policy components, features and characteristics.

    Reliance Trust provides the financial advisor with automatic updates and alerts on critical changes or important information as it occurs.

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