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    Securing the Future of Your Business

    As a business owner and entrepreneur, you have complex and specialized financial planning requirements. A well thought out, comprehensive financial plan will coordinate your business interests with your personal wealth management needs, helping you realize your financial objectives.

    We have the expertise to help you develop a business transition plan to ensure that your business continues successfully, your financial goals are met and you maximize the value of your business through diligent planning. A carefully constructed business transition plan can help ensure the orderly transfer of ownership. Reliance Trust’s seasoned team of professionals can help you develop a business transition strategy that is right for you.

    Ownership Alternatives

    There are a number of alternatives when looking at ownership strategies for your company. Whether you choose to transition the business to your family, an outright sale of the business or pass the business to your employees via an Employee Owned Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Reliance Trust can help you determine the best approach. Reliance Trust can provide the valuation and advisory expertise needed to offer critical insight and guidance that empowers you to fully explore the benefits of any one of these strategies.

    The Importance of Value

    When making a decision regarding ownership structure, transitioning or exiting your business, knowing the value of the business and equity is critical. Reliance Trust’s dedicated team of experienced professionals offers consulting and expert services in business valuation providing high-quality, objective work, tailored to each engagement.

    Determining the value of closely held businesses is an important step in your overall financial strategy. Whatever reason you have for needing a business valuation, we have partners that specialize in valuations and can call on them when needed.