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    A Specialist in Corporate Trustee Services

    If you have a trust or are considering establishing one, the choice of a trustee is highly important. Trustees must have the skills to handle the technical matters that arise, including taxation, trust administration and asset management. They also need to be able to serve the lifespan of the trust, which could span generations. Furthermore, these actions must be done according to the specific document provisions and laws governing your trust.

    Reliance Trust specializes in providing independent corporate trustee services. Deciding on a corporate trustee can reduce possible personal conflicts within your family or among beneficiaries while ensuring the continuity of oversight for the life of your trust. By choosing Reliance Trust as your independent corporate trustee, you can rest assured that we will work on your behalf to carry out all the tasks as defined in the trust in accordance to your financial instructions.

    Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Trustee